Yesterday I almost died…

Today…every muscle in my body hurts. I’m active, I run, but my first Pilates class was a workout like I have never experienced before.

Let’s start at the beginning… I work at Ballet Austin, manage the Butler Community School’s programming. I see what Pilates does to people every day. And I see that they keep coming back. In fact, I see some people, like Ann Daly, in the Pilates Studio three times a week. But I had never tried it…

Well, the challenge was on. I decided to take on those machines myself. What is it about Pilates that everyone raves about? And so… my first Pilates class.


I was a bit intimidated by the machines, but had full confidence in Vlada, Pilates Program Director at Ballet Austin. First thing…the reformer (Pilates machine that provides targeted resistance). I could give you a play by play, but there is no way to describe the full experience…doing “hundreds” for the first time; lying on my back, my hands in straps pressed down at my sides, my head and shoulders lifted, my legs extended with my toes reaching.  And the exercise hadn’t even started yet! And when it did, I not only felt muscles I never knew I had, I learned how to breathe, focus, concentrate, stay steady, and listen to my body. My body was definitely talking to me!

Vlada kept it simple, straightforward, and easy to grasp. She lead me through a balanced and challenging workout. There was one point when she said, “now you can come over and sit on the chair.” In my head I thought the workout was over. I would be able to put my feet up, drink some water… you know, the usual at the end of an exercise session. Oh, I sat down all right. But “chair” in Pilates language doesn’t mean the same thing! Then there was the barrel, the tower, balls, magic circles, and more.

By the time the hour was over, I was pretty tired, but I had made it through the workout without humiliating myself! And no joke, I honestly felt like the space between my pelvis and rib cage had lengthened. Today it is obvious that my body has received a big wake-up call; muscles I didn’t know I have are sore.

Will I be back? For sure.

2 thoughts on “Yesterday I almost died…

  1. Shauna Martin

    I was always skeptical about Pilates, as my workout regime has always been very calorie driven. I run, bike, workout with a personal trainer 2 days a week, and I just could not see what Pilates could possibly add. Boy was I wrong. Even after doing Pilates at Ballet Austin for several months, I still get sore from each reformer class – a good sore. I have also noticed that my body has transformed in good ways…my muscles appear leaner, more defined and longer despite the fact that I have not lost a single pound. I am a huge fan, and plan to continue to include Pilates at Ballet Austin as part of my weekly routine.

  2. Ann Daly

    Ah, “the chair”! Just wait until Vlada invites you to “the barrell”! I hate exercise, and I love pilates. You have to focus and use your mind’s eye. None of those boring macho reps. Stick with it, Vicky, and you’ll be addicted soon, too!

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