How I Mastered Pilates After Failed Attempts

By Vlada Sheber, Pilates Program Director


In 2000 I took my first Pilates reformer class. As a professional dancer, and member of Ballet Austin’s professional company at the time, I thought I was in such great shape and could easily do this apparatus workout. Was I ever wrong! I did everything incorrectly. I could not do Pilates. I could not get it right!

But my Ukrainian never-give-up blood kept me coming back. I wanted to get it right. What I discovered was that with proper instruction, I could do Pilates. What I learned through this experience is that one of the most important things about Pilates is learning to do it correctly.

15 years later I can truly say it was the best investment I made in myself, my dancing, and in my life. Not only did I notice major changes in my body, but I also just felt better all over.

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Master Instructor Private Pilates sessions are available for clients.

In 2002, after many hours of grueling training, I received my diploma as a Certified Core Connections® Pilates Instructor from the Core Connections® Comprehensive Teacher Training Program at the Pilates Center of Austin. In 2007, when the Ballet Austin Pilates Center was designed and opened, I was appointed as Pilates Program Director. Since then we have grown from just one certified Pilates instructor to 8. We also recently had a Grand Re-opening of our newly renovated space—now offer 12 reformers in 2 studios totaling 1500 square feet.

I think Pilates is for everyone. Whatever your age and physical condition, the Pilates practice will improve your quality of life. The greatest challenge is that, despite the fact that Pilates has been around for about 100 years, people still don’t know what it is and where it came from. They don’t know it can be for them.

So whenever I have a chance, I share with everyone this six-minute video by InfobytesTV that provides a complete history of Pilates. I love it! It’s a fun and informative animated history of Joseph Pilates and the beginning of the Pilates Method.

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