Ready, Set, Summer – Enter the BCS Kids Zone!

I love to watch and listen to children. They remind me what’s important in life; how simple and easy it is to play. Kids find fun and laughter in just about anything they do. In fact, if you think about it, two things you don’t have to teach children from the time they are born, is how to play and how to dance. American poet William Stafford wrote, “Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn’t music.”

Dance and play are two ways children move naturally. They hear the music, feel the rhythm, and before they know it, they’re dancing! Kids love to move!

The BCS Kid’s Zone at Ballet Austin is a place for kids between ages 8 and12 to dance and play. When I walk through the halls I hear fun music, see active feet and crazy fun games, and hear plenty of laughter. Activities that are more “fun” than “exercise” encourage children to get moving and keep moving. Exercise isn’t exercise! Dance encourages children to develop their imagination, social skills, self-expression and coordination.

Some children are here to take a drop-in ballet class around their summer schedule. Others take musical theatre, jazz or tap with Broadway veterans Danny and Rocker. Kids are getting groovy with some funky moves in hip hop, or exploring movement in a fun modern class.

Kids in Motion, which combines fitness fun and an interactive environment, is designed to help kids get their 60 minutes of cardio a day. With all the buzz about kids and fitness these days, and the evidence of how dance benefits growth and development, what better place to bring children to hang out this summer! Summer is all about kids. Kid’s are all about fun. The BCS Kid’s Zone is the place for kids stay active and have fun this summer!

No registration required. Start any time and come when you can.

Click here for Kid’s Zone class schedule.
Click here for teen/adult dance and fitness class schedule.

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