Press Feature: Austin Arts Groups Feel Strains of Growth (Austin American-Statesman)

There’s more behind a great performance than well-worn pointe shoes. Arts organizations need what every other organization needs to thrive: money. And that money doesn’t pour in effortlessly. That’s the topic that Austin American-Statesman Arts Critic Jeanne Claire van Ryzin focused on last week in her article “Austin arts groups feel strains of growth.”

Here’s an excerpt from the article referencing Ballet Austin and our Executive Director Cookie Ruiz:

“Both Ballet Austin and Zach Theatre report solid economics with no debts. [Cookie] Ruiz said the ballet’s board began planning for an economic downtown before the 2008 stock market crash and made cuts, while adding a $100,000 contingency surplus into the budget. And the company clearly has something Austin wants to buy: The ballet saw its highest-grossing season, with 42,257 paid attendees and nearly $2 million in ticket sales, this past year.”

Thanks to Jeanne Claire for the mention. For the entire article, visit

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