Building Birds, Part 6

Well, ladies and gents, here we are in the final phase of our bird adventure.  I have all but one bird to show you as we have not had time to schedule another fitting for her before today, but I’m sure 5 other beautiful birds will be just enough excitement for the day!

Oren Porterfield

Emily Cloyd

Brittany Strickland

Elise Pekarek

Rebecca Johnson

I would like to say thank you to designer Susan Branch-Towne for creating such lovely renderings for me to build from and to Class Act Tutu for the fantastic tutu bases they sent us.  Thanks to you for taking this journey with me!  It has been a pleasure sharing with you.

Please join us at the Long Center on Mother’s Day weekend to see the rest of our stunning costumes (and that elusive sixth bird) be brought to life by our dancers in The Magic Flute!

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