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Truth & Beauty / The Bach Project | Video Blog: Part 1 of 4

The process of creating art is a process to which most people cannot relate or have never seen in person. Even with the relatively creative job that I get the pleasure of having here at Ballet Austin, I would consider myself to be light years from an ‘artist’. So as I peek into the studio to watch Mr. Mills working with the dancers during the day, or listen in on meetings between the artistic staff, I am always enamored with the conversations that take place in the creation of one of our world premiere works.

In order to give everyone an insider’s look into what goes into building a new ballet, we are creating a video blog series that will document some of the inspiration, thought and work that is going into our next production, Truth & Beauty / The Bach Project. In a series of interviews each week, Stephen Mills will walk us through the process of creating his latest original ballet. From the original ideas about the work, to the choreography, costumes and music. Each week will feature a different aspect of the production.

Check the blog and your e-mail each week for the next installment!

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