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Get a Behind-The-Scenes Peek of
The Magic Flute at Studio Spotlight

As Community Education Director at Ballet Austin, enhancing the education and experience involved with our productions is number one on my list. There is so much more to learn about one of our ballets beyond just seeing it on opening night. This is why I love being in the studio when the dancers are rehearsing – it is an awe-inspiring experience! Better yet is when Artistic Director Stephen Mills and Associate Artistic Director Michelle Martin share the history and context of the work, and how it came to be. Not everyone is lucky enough to get the chance to experience this except during Studio Spotlight, a rehearsal that is open to the public the week before we head to the theater to open the show.

During Studio Spotlight for The Magic Flute, you’ll not only see the dancers up-close and personal, you’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at the costumes, which are really intricate and fantastic, and the shadow work, which lends a mystical air to the entire production.

Stephen and Michelle will be on-hand to answer questions and to tell a bit about the process of creating the ballet, and they’ll also be happy to answer your questions about the work and about ballet in general.

Sign up now if you haven’t already! You’ll be completely amazed!

Studio Spotlight
Wednesday April 27
11:45am – 12:45pm | 5:45pm – 6:45pm

More information on The Magic Flute, including tickets, here.

The Magic Flute Family Dance Workshop – Learn to make an ENTIRE ballet!

We just finished planning for this Saturday’s dance workshop and we are so excited for attendees to get a sneak peek at all of the elements that make our world premiere of The Magic Flute so uniquely special!

During the workshop, which explores the art of making a ballet from an opera, we will show how the giant-scale shadow puppets work in conjunction with the choreography – something that requires quite a bit of challenging coordination among everyone involved! We’ll also be revealing the whimsical costumes for the production’s most colorful characters such as the Queen of the Night and some of the animals. Since several of these costumes are still a work in progress, this costume preview will be even more exciting and exclusive for attendees.

Best of all, attendees will get to work with dancers to create their own ballet productions at the end of the workshop – they’ll choose who choreographs, designs sets and designs costumes, and when they put it all together, they’ll show their new ballet production to the entire audience!

I’m hoping to see a lot of families at this weekend’s The Magic Flute Family Dance Workshop, Saturday April 16th from 2 – 3:30pm. Sign up now!

Explore the Kai Interactive

Kai, part of our 2010/11 Season Opener, is a visually stunning contemporary work choreographed in 2007 by Artistic Director Stephen Mills. It evokes a sensual celebration and a mysterious journey inspired by the blue undulating waters of the South Pacific and rhythmically exotic music by John Cage.

Explore the interactive to learn more about Kai!

Explore the Carmina Burana Interactive

Inspired by the forbidden desires of 13th century monks, Carmina Burana is a tale revealed through their found poetry of lust and passion. With iconic music performed live by more than 100 choral singers from the Grammy-nominated symphonic choir Conspirare and the Austin Symphony Orchestra, Stephen Mills’ interpretation is a textured experience set the haunting rhythms of artistic repression and the spirit of liberation that comes from breaking free.

Explore the interactive to learn more about Carmina Burana!